Tuesday, 27 September 2011

when love come. be started!!!!

embrace this unchanging emotion, born right now in my heart and fly far away.....
in these days without an end, imagine a future you dream of.
count down, then reveal it to each other, promisenot to give up until that dream materializer
chase after what you wantwith fullthrottle
together ,have fun, and spread the wings of hope.....
let's begin, so that we call this emotion
the one born in my heart now, courage..... BE STARTER!!!
erect countless doors, and open then without fear
fly far away!!!!
soar high to infinity........

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Our love broke our bond with the reason that "it's just to much"
before it turned into hatred,
Everything its just like that, the terrible circumstances always cover that.
Its the reality of the powerfull, embracing a distrorted dilemma.......
without noticing, even the two who have pladged are being separated far away
even my shattered heart is deserted as if it were something normal.
I won't accept this and stand up without  escaping of the image of my ruin.
ah! I'll search for your eyes and the warmth of your hand no matter how long its takes.
You murmured that love always  hurt you.
You were crying, afraid of finding the truth.
You've learned what it to be weak, and without fearing and believing, you will learn what the true love is........